Weekends are my favorite
Day 2, the actual wedding! Was the most amazing night :)
Sup bitches
Got to play with my favorite pup today :) (sadly I forgot to save the adorable picture we took)
A little bit shorter than expected but still happy with it :) strange to think about how long my hair was less than a year ago. Love it both ways but very happy with shorter hair.
Slowly loving this photo despite my face haha
Dem legs doe

Today was my day off. Completely off, not worrying about how much I ate or drank. Not writing it down for once. I still was mostly good but I’ve been drinking and aubrie and I had a ton of drinks.
I had a completely breakdown yesterday. I’ve been anxious about my upcoming job, travel, my family, my boyfriend, and I’ve been pushing everyone away. This has been so needed. I’m so happy right now. Yeah I’m super bloated and I didn’t workout today but mentally I feel great. I miss my boyfriend but he’s with friends which is amazing since he feels so alone there. The people aren’t the people he’s used to and he doesn’t feel very happy or comfortable there. Soon enough we will talk and he makes me happier than anything in the world. That sexy, handsome man.
So yes sometimes you need to take a day off. Sometimes, regardless of the calories or any of that, you need a YOU day. My constant workout and calorie counting has been stressing me out, adding on to everything else.

Remember, above all YOU come first. You are a wonderful person and you deserve the best mental health you can have. Love yourself for a day. Take your best friend out on an amazing date. Take yourself on an amazing date! One day won’t ruin everything you’ve worked for, just remember that.

…still diggin it
Now just have to find a brand thag makes this color without it smudging…
(Now that I know I can~to my belief~pull off a red lip)
Not gonna lie im diggin this lipstick
I never even BUY lipstick but it was only a dollar so I said fuckitt
So sometimes I adore the contrast between my eyes and my hair. And sometimes it shows in pictures. 
This selfie is for wizardangst4536 who liked my post and often likes my posts and is super cool :3
My overall feelings of today
I miss college :(
Holy shit I did it! Grad school here I come :)

Little busy this week with finals and a ton of frat things. Formal was amazingg and this boy is fantastic :)